Communal Cola

Communal Cola

This body of work serves as a critical commentary on the Western globalization tactics of Coca-Cola and its effects on Ugandan culture. These interventions were birthed in Kampala, Uganda during field research and iteratively evolved into an investigation around the West's cultural definitions of individualism and collectivism. 


Collective 6 Pack

Stemming from investigative field research in Uganda, I further explored themes of individualism and collectivism through several rounds of material explorations. I interrogated Coca-Cola's bottle design of intended individualism through hacked collectivism by morphing and manipulating existing Coke bottles and the inherit functions of drinking from the bottles. Through the prototype Collective 6 Pack and further iterations of the Communal Coke Vessel, I pushed what this type of collectivism and communality would look like by hacking the American, globalized brand Coca-Cola. The glass pieces were co-created with Ed Gibson of Ci Hot Glass Los Angeles


Communal Coke Vessel

Calling on locally sourced juice and ways of consumption, Communal Coke Vessel serves as a rebuttal to Coca-Cola, an imported American brand. It is a satirical stab at the brand’s ethics and globalization tactics and their effects on local culture and traditions.


Branding the Brand

Repositions power into the hands of Ugandan youth to express their perceptions, experiences and opinions of Coca-Cola by creating their own bottle labels in order to brand the brand. The vending machine serves a conversation object to further dialogue about the newly branded Coke bottles.